"The Design Studio is the Beatles of interior designers... Judy Van Wyk and John Fernandez-Salvador don't confine themselves to one interior design style. Even within a category, such as libraries or residences, they design in a variety of styles, but all reflect their clients' needs. They're also very creative, and i'm impressed by the spectrum of themes, colors and styles they work with."


-  Keith Christie, Web design

"As for the design, expect a stunner from Judy Van Wyk of The Design Studio. Because of its proximity to the ocean, this Red O is going full-on resort decadence, including beachy sand and rock features and a ceiling that is reminiscent of a classic thatched-roof palapa on the beach."

-  Farley Elliot, Los Angeles Eater

- Interior Design Magazine, 1990

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- Golden Nugget Award, 2012

- Themed Entertainment Association Thea Award, 2003


The Design Studio, Interior Design, Inc.
4425 Riverside Dr. suite 104, Toluca Lake, CA 91505
 Phone: 818.567.6444